ICAN | State Staff

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Image of Donna Sauter

Donna Sauter

Title: Director

Phone: 575-646-0310

Email: sauter@nmsu.edu

Image of Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Gomez

Title: Northern District Regional Coordinator

Phone: 575-646-0319

Email: magomez@nmsu.edu

Image of Brenda Weatherford

Brenda Weatherford

Title: Interim Eastern and Southwest district Regional Coordinator

Office Phone: 575-648-2311

Email: weatherb@nmsu.edu

Image of Arther Tillbrook

Arthur Tillbrook

Title: Administrative and Marketing Specialist

Phone: 575-646-2089

Email: artgalin@nmsu.edu

Image of Lisa Varin

Lisa Varin

Title: Financial Manager

Phone: 575-646-1836

Email: lvarin@nmsu.edu

Image of Esther Thompson

Ester Thompson

Title: Administrative Assistant

Phone: 575-646-4946


Image of Maris Stevenson

Marisa Stevenson

Title: Data Manager

Phone: 575-646-5534

Email: mjs@nmsu.edu

Image of ...

Bonnie Murray

Title: Administrative Assistant

Phone: 575-646-0328

Email: bmurray@nmsu.edu