ICAN Staff Directory

If you are interested in taking ICAN classes or having an ICAN Educator visit your facility, please contact your local County Extension Service Office and ask for ICAN!

ICAN State Team | 1-877-993-3637

Donna Sauter Director sauter@nmsu.edu 505-224-4055
Gabriel Gomez Northern Regional Coordinator magomez@nmsu.edu 505-224-4056
Brenda Weatherford Eastern / Southwest
Regional Coordinator
weatherb@nmsu.edu 575-808-9390
Marisa Van Dommelen Program Manager marisavd@nmsu.edu 575-646-2703
Abigail Orta Financial Manager aorta@nmsu.edu 575-646-1836
Marisa Stevenson Data Manager mjs@nmsu.edu 575-646-2089
Angie Jonsson Food Systems Specialist amj@nmsu.edu 505-224-4053
Ester Thompson Administrative Assistant ethompso@nmsu.edu 575-646-4946
Bonita Baxter Special Projects Coordinator bonita@nmsu.edu 575-646-5534

EFNEP | Regional Coordinator - Gabriel Gomez

Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension | (505) 243-1386

Suzanne Porter-Bolton ICAN Supervisor spb@nmsu.edu
Ivette Aragon Nutrition Educator miaragon@nmsu.edu
Geraldine Chavez Nutrition Educator geesa1z@nmsu.edu
Donna Gomez Nutrition Educator dmgomez2@nmsu.edu
Rebecca Lopez Nutrition Educator rvlopez@nmsu.edu
Vacant Nutrition Educator

Dona Ana County Cooperative Extension | (575) 525-6649

Diana Magallanez ICAN Supervisor dmagalla@nmsu.edu
Crystal Guzman Nutrition Educator csumner@nmsu.edu
Claudia Rodriguez Nutrition Educator cirod74@nmsu.edu
Jessica Marquez Nutrition Educator j2@nmsu.edu
Rebecca Murga Nutrition Educator rebecca0@nmsu.edu
Sandra Hernandez Nutrition Educator sandrher@nmsu.edu

SNAP-Ed Northern District | Regional Coordinator - Gabriel Gomez

Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension | (505) 243-1386

Suzanne Porter-Bolton ICAN Supervisor spb@nmsu.edu

Jacqueline Reynoso Marquez

Nutrition Educator jzrm@nmsu.edu
Vacant Nutrition Educator

Cibola County Cooperative Extension | (505) 287-9266

Chase Elkins ICAN Supervisor chelkins@nmsu.edu
Gwen Jaramillo Nutrition Educator gwjarami@nmsu.edu

McKinley County Cooperative Extension | (505) 863-3432

Patricia Largo ICAN Supervisor plargo@nmsu.edu
Margilena Luna Nutrition Educator margilen@nmsu.edu
Asia Yazzie Nutrition Educator asiayaz@nmsu.edu

Rio Arriba County Cooperative Extension | (505) 685-4523

Joy Czmyrid ICAN Supervisor jczmyrid@nmsu.edu
Mariaelena Jaramillo Nutrition Educator marjar86@nmsu.edu

San Juan County Cooperative Extension | (505) 334-9496

Rick Griffiths ICAN Supervisor rickgrif@nmsu.edu
Jamie Ortiz Health and Nutrition Educator jamortiz@nmsu.edu

Santa Fe County Cooperative Extension | (505) 471-4711

Michelle Stizza ICAN Supervisor mstizza@nmsu.edu
Terri Werner Nutrition Educator tkwerner@nmsu.edu
Renee Zisman Nutrition Educator rzisman@nmsu.edu

Torrance County Cooperative Extension | (505) 544-4333

Debby Maberry ICAN Supervisor maberryd@nmsu.edu
Deborah Olivas Nutrition Educator olivas05@nmsu.edu

Valencia County Cooperative Extension | (505) 544-4333

Crystal Garcia-Anaya ICAN Supervisor anayacry@nmsu.edu
Katrina Uptain Nutrition Educator kuptain@nmsu.edu

SNAP-ED Eastern District | Regional Coordinator - Brenda Weatherford

Chaves County Cooperative Extension | (575) 622-3210

Tamara Schubert ICAN Supervisor tamschub@nmsu.edu
Amie Steen Nutrition Educator alsteen@nmsu.edu

Curry County Cooperative Extension | (575) 763-6505

Mindy Turner ICAN Supervisor midenny@nmsu.edu
Zandy Bunch Nutrition Educator zbunch@nmsu.edu

Lea County Cooperative Extension | (575) 396-2819

Vacant ICAN Supervisor
Marcela Ochoa Nutrition Educator m8a@nmsu.edu

Roosevelt County Cooperative Extension | (575) 356-4417

Patrick Kircher ICAN Supervisor pkircher@nmsu.edu
Carolina Calderon Nutrition Educator carol70@nmsu.edu

SNAP-ED Southwest District | Regional Coordinator - Brenda Weatherford
Regional Coordinator - Gabriel Gomez*

Dona Ana County Cooperative Extension* | (575) 525-6649

Diana Magallanez ICAN Supervisor dmagalla@nmsu.edu
Alexis Peinado Nutrition Educator alexisp8@nmsu.edu
Marcie Garcia Nutrition Educator marcievg@nmsu.edu
Mary Marquez Nutrition Educator marya@nmsu.edu

Grant County Cooperative Extension | (575) 388-1559

Jessica Swapp ICAN Supervisor jessiej@nmsu.edu
Amanda Owens Nutrition Educator arowens@nmsu.edu

Hidalgo County Cooperative Extension | (575) 542-9291

Savannah Graves ICAN Supervisor vannah03@nmsu.edu
Dawn Conover Nutrition Educator dconover@nmsu.edu

Lincoln County Cooperative Extension | (575) 648-2311

Melody Gaines ICAN Supervisor gainesm@nmsu.edu
Marla Hiebert-Caughron Nutrition Educator caughron@nmsu.edu

Luna County Cooperative Extension | (575) 546-8806

Katherine Turner ICAN Supervisor kcturner@nmsu.edu
Beatrice Dominguez Nutrition Educator bat65@nmsu.edu

Otero County Cooperative Extension | (575) 437-0231

Kelly Knight ICAN Supervisor kelknigh@nmsu.edu
Christine Martin Nutrition Educator cjam0709@nmsu.edu

Sierra County Cooperative Extension | (575) 894-2375

Sara Marta ICAN Supervisor skmarta@nmsu.edu
Jennifer Neeley Nutrition Educator jneeley@nmsu.edu

Socorro County Cooperative Extension | (575) 835-0610

Emily Bruton ICAN Supervisor emferr@nmsu.edu
Erika Baxter Nutrition Educator erikabax@nmsu.edu