Seed to Supper: A Beginner's Guide to Low-Cost Vegetable Gardening

Self-paced Online Course

Seed to Supper

Available for free online to people in New Mexico! Learn how to grow your own food with self-paced gardening lessons.

To get started, click here: Seed to Supper Enrollment / Siembra la Cena Inscripción (ESPAÑOL)

Seed to Supper lesson topics include:

  • Planning
  • Soil Prep
  • Planting
  • Garden Care
  • Harvest
  • Storage

Live Classes

Family Gardening

ICAN Seed to Supper is hosting live gardening series in New Mexico! Just like Seed to Supper Online, our live series are completely free. Contact ICAN's Seed to Supper specialist for information about upcoming classes.

*If asked to enroll by online form for a live class, please indicate which class (date or location) you would like to take in the Comments section. If you aren't sure when you want to take a class, say so in the Comments section and we will provide a schedule.


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  • Seed to Supper Course Book New Mexico Edition
    Available in English and Español. Provided as a standalone resource. If you would like to participate in the full Seed to Supper course, please use the sign-up form above instead. ICAN collects information about users of course materials in order to continue providing programming and guides. Fill out a short questionnaire and you will immediately be able to download the Seed to Supper Course Book New Mexico Edition in electronic format (PDF).

News & Press Releases

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